Love Your Enemy

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Love Your Enemy | November 13th, 2010

Love Your Enemy

Everyone should have a place to go that is a refuge. A place that feels like a shelter. I think the old 80’s television show Cheers captured that feeling. The theme song of Cheers went something like this, “You want to go where people are all the same, you want to go where everyone knows your name.” For my wife and me that place is Starbucks. Our town is not that big and we have but one Starbucks. My wife and I go there every Tuesday on my day off. We could make coffee at home but there is something about going to Starbucks that makes us focus better on each other. It is also a place we go when life gets hectic and we want some solace. I think Starbucks is selling the experience more than the coffee and my wife and I have bought it hook, line, and sinker. The baristas all know us and know our favorite drinks. It’s nice.

Anyway, we were in there the other day and enjoying a break when two women walked in. We knew them both and so they came over to say hi. Their names are Rita and Amy Bevington. They are not sisters. Rita was married to Bob Bevington. Bob and Amy are married now. I don’t even know if there is a name for the relationship Amy and Rita share now. They were not meeting at Starbucks with their respective attorneys to bicker about who should get what or how the kids are being treated. They were there to share a cup of coffee and visit as friends.

Rita and Amy walk around as a living, moving testimony of grace. I have known the story for a couple of years and have watched their relationship grow. But it didn’t stop me from shaking my head as they walked away to find their own table. They were laughing as they walked away from us. I looked at my wife and we both smiled and said the same thing. “ That is so weird.”

If you have ever seen real grace you understand the weirdness of it. There is beauty and wonder as well but in our world where grace is as scarce as hen’s teeth, sometimes weird is the only word that fits. I love it though. It is the best part of the world in which I live and I long for it to flow more freely into every life I see. If it can make Rita and Amy friends it really can heal the whole world. It can heal yours.

  • Jacque481

    After learning about this, I find that God is not letting me off the hook with any excuses of why I can’t love someone. Even when I don’t want to, He’s helping me want to want to.

    • Bob

      Jacquelyn- I checked out your blog. I think you will like the references in RLB to the Gospel-centered deep forgiveness between Rita, Amy and I. Stuff only “purchased grace grace can accomplish.” Reading the parable of the unmerciful servant at the end of Matthew 18 is a big help–we are all 10,000 talent debtors. Look up how much that is in today’s dollars, compared to 100 denarii and the story opens up.

  • Gracelyn

    I am a good friend of Amy’s and have seen the healing take place with these two women. I have watched them become great friends. It was weird for me at first as well for the same reasons that you mentioned. However, it is only through Christ that such a wonderful thing could happen. These two women love the Lord, and it shows on a regular basis. It is a story we need to remember. A story that humbles us all.

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