The Cellar Dwellers: Part Two

Bob Bevington
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The Cellar Dwellers: Part Two | January 20th, 2012

The Cellar Dwellers: Part Two

Tom Scott: Cellar Dweller

Tom Scott, a former raging drug addict, has been transformed by the Gospel from the inside out. And his story traces the path to freedom and fulfillment for us all.

Listen in on the conversation. This is the second of three installments consisting of emails I recently received from members of our Sunday night community group, The Cellar Dwellers. You won’t want to miss Susan’s next Tuesday. This one’s from Tom:


To my fellow Cellar Dwellers,

Hi everyone. This is in response to Dianne’s e-mail about Bob’s basement and what goes on down there on Sunday nights.

I used to spend a lot of time in people’s basements. I usually woke up cold and alone in my own vomit and urine. Back then I loved basements because they were private and dark. The perfect place for a godless, fearful addict like me to hang.

I started “using” due to peer pressure. The first time I got a taste of the euphoria that drugs and booze gave me, I was hooked. For the next twenty years I was in love with that feeling. But no matter how passionately I chased it, I never found it again. Not really. Not even close.

There was a God-sized hole in my chest and I kept trying to fill it with hollow pleasures. Drugs, alchohol, women. But instead of becoming filled, the opposite happened. I grew emptier and emptier until one day I woke up to the reality that I was completely empty on the inside. And numb. Back then I saw Christians as lame. To me, relying on something besides yourself was a sign of weakness.

Then, something jolted me out of my stupor. Call it love. Call it good news. Call it The Good News. Call it the cross. The really shocking part is He did this for a sinner who is as undeserving as me.

I’ve been led to a fountain and it is a Fountain of Grace. Shocking, isn’t it? Me, justified on behalf of Another? Are you kidding me? But yes. He gave His Son and His Word.

I hang out in a basement again on Sunday nights. This basement is neither dark nor cold. This basement is not scary or lonely. Here we bask in the truth that we, even we, are clothed in the righteousness of Christ by faith. And we are all astonished.

This basement is filled with love, joy, and happiness. This basement is a place where brothers and sisters in Christ can find Good News, grow in Christ, and serve Him as our Lord. When you find weakness here, look out, because it’s about to burst into power. See 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 if you want to see what I mean.

This is no ordinary basement. It is a Family Room. Here I meet with some of the most beautifully broken people I know. And we have a single focus and goal: to remind one another of The Good News.

Now I’m in love with a different feeling. A feeling that revolves around Jesus . . .

God bless all you Cellar Dwellers–my Family,


I was speechless when I read Tom’s email. I can’t think of anything to add. Joe will be back next Friday. Thanks for reading our blogs. Feel free to comment; Tom might answer you.


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  • Mikepbusch

    i ve got a promblem that wont go away i want to stop but the alchol and drugs always seem to get in my way please pray for me

    • Missy

      Good start by reaching out!  I will pray for you.  keep reaching out!  His love is there for all of us sinners.

    • Tomescott

      I can help you.alchohol and drugs are but a symptom of the real problem.your in the can’t do it alone.we need to get out of the way and let God help.

  • Shdl22

    haha! I should clarify that girls too are growing up without fathers, NOT growing up to be men. oops! 

  • Shdl22

    so true Paula, we have a whole new larger than ever generation of young boys (girls too) growing up to be men who have missing fathers and role models. Quite frankly I dont know how some guys do it. As a female generally the mom is alwasy there, female role model, but how does a boy know how to be a man? and a God centered one at that? It keeps growing, every generation has a bigger hole. And through God Tom is helping to improve that. I praise you Lord! Ryan is lucky kid and Edge too.:)

    • Tomescott

      I couldn’t think of a better place to be than edge.the middle school ministry is amazing in what God does through the staff there.I praise the Lord also.pastor Todd and the staff provide an avenue for God to touch our youth.bravo.I don’t know who is luckier,me or ryan.

  • Paula Collins

    Tom, thanks for becoming so transparent and sharing your story or re-creation in Jesus.  It is amazing what the unconditional love and transforming grace of Jesus can do for the soul.  I am glad you were transformed because of what you bring to the Edge program and the example you are setting for your son. 

    • Tomescott

      Thx Paula. I still can’t wrap my head around being any kind of role model or good example to anyone. I’m a drunken,drug abusing sinner. That’s it…… The praise ALL goes to our Lord and only Him. You are an example to me Paula for showing me how to be a ” good ” christian. You have been through some trials yourself and you show me its ok.

  • Shdl22

     am so happy for you and your family, what God’s Grace has done. Re-reading your comments reminds me again of how GREAT that moment of recognizing Him and accepting Him into yourself is! How do we live for so long and not get it. know it, see HIM? When I look back now I see him everywhere, I recognize a lot of moments when he presented me a different choice and I chose another. How are we all so stupid?? lol!  I frequently get comments like “religion is man made” (by extension God is man made to them) and been told that a person who is in need can create and see anything they need in their mind for comfort in crisis = God. I see Him everywhere because He IS everywhere. There is nothing random about us. What a great new way to live, Tom!!!!  love our sundays!

  • Sludwick

    Thanks for sharing Tom and may God continue to bless your life and all those in the Cellar Dwellers. 

  • Jacquelyn Stager

    Another amazing story of redemption and healing.  Praise the Lord!

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