Looking for More Coffey?

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Looking for More Coffey? | September 7th, 2012

Looking for More Coffey?

Joe’s new blog has launched!

From now on you will find Joe’s posts exclusively at www.JoeCoffeyTalk.com. To keep your weekly Coffey coming you need to go there right now and subscribe by Facebook or RSS feed!

Meanwhile, I will endeavor to carry the “brokenness and grace” torch here at RedLikeBlood.com while I work on my next book, The Glory of Christ.

My goals for this blog in the Post-Coffey Era:

1. Shorter posts:  My good friend and personal blog consultant, Sanj Kalra, says I’m too long-winded. My wife (and former wife) both agree. So I’m cutting the length of my posts by 47.5%. Should save you at least 13 minutes over the next five months.

2. I need guest writers:  C’mon! You’ve got a story. Why not share it with the world? Maybe it’ll help somebody. Send me your ideas via the Contact tab. Editing and proof-reading provided.

3. Thursday Posts:  Writing shorter posts actually takes more time. Strange but true. So look for my stuff on Thursday mornings from now on.

4. Best of the Blogosphere:  Every other week I will bring you a select, potentially life-changing post. Read these and in a year’s time you won’t recognize yourself.

5. Buckeye football updates:  Sorry, I just can’t help myself.

Enough! Go to Joe’s blog: Click HERE!





  • http://twitter.com/YaldaPallone Linda Pallone

    Point #3 is so true!!! I’ve back in University after a 23-year hiatus and have found writing short discussion posts are challenging. This week I came across a comment made by Winston Churchill, “I apologize for this long letter – I didn’t have time to write a shorter one.”

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