Guest Blogger: Laurie Coombs

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Guest Blogger: Laurie Coombs | October 18th, 2012

Guest Blogger: Laurie Coombs

Laurie Coombs

If someone you love was murdered, maybe you can imagine what it’s like to be Laurie Coombs.

And if the convicted murderer wrote to you from prison trying to justify his actions, maybe you can relate to the angst that raged as she wrestled to reply.

But even if you’ve never encountered a situation like this one, you should still read Laurie’s guest post. Because you never know when you might be called on to forgive the unforgivable.



“He’s doing it again,” I told my friend, Sarah, “listen to this!” I read the letter I received that afternoon from Anthony, the man who murdered my dad. ”Why won’t he simply say ‘I did it. It was my fault.’ Period. He’s still trying to justify his actions! He committed murder! He killed my dad! There’s no justification for that!”

After talking it though, I sat down and began to type my response, adrenaline pumping through my veins. I wanted to set him straight. He claims to be a Christian now. Why isn’t he repentant? Why does he keep blame shifting? The words poured forth like floodwaters out of my heart, addressing each of the issues and backing them with Scripture. “Oh, this is good,” I thought. But I knew. This was not the response God wanted. I prayed, as I awaited direction from Jesus. Days passed and turned to weeks, and finally, the answer came.


It was true. Anthony was far from where I wanted him to be. But, it was at this moment I felt Jesus speak to my soul. Leave Anthony to me. Now forgive. And honestly, the crazy thing is that I was given the grace to forgive. In this moment. In the midst of my anger. I sat down to revise my letter to Anthony, and at the end of it, I wrote, “…despite the fact that we will probably never see eye to eye in all areas, I do forgive you…. I hope this finds you well, and I pray that God heals you from your past as He is doing for me. I pray that you learn to live your life for God wherever He has you and that you’re able to find peace in this life.”

I was set free. I was free of the anger, the bitterness, and the pain that held me captive for over a decade.

What’s more is that after I extended grace, I witnessed a transformation that was almost palpable in Anthony, as Jesus brought him to a place of repentance and healing. We serve an amazing God. A God who gives us grace to do the impossible. A God who redeems.

I was called to forgive. To love my enemy. To surrender to Jesus the pain and bitterness which took residence in the deepest recess of my soul. Out of this––following Jesus into my unknown, scary places––I witnessed the redemption and grace of our mighty God.

We serve an amazing God. A God who gives us grace to do the impossible, and I encourage you today to place Christ at the center of your most broken relationship and extend the grace that was freely given to you.

“…while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8


Laurie Coombs is a writer who encourages others to draw closer to the heart of Jesus. She lives in Reno, Nevada with her husband, Travis. They have two little girls and are in the process of adopting one or two more children from Ethiopia. Be sure to visit Laurie on her Blog,, and on Twitter and Facebook.

  • TParker3neo

    People who write from prison remind us of those who beg on the street. We are quick to judge their claims of need or their claims of having found God. But we really can’t know. Thankfully, God knows. And, as Laurie points out, it is not our job to know. We are simply called to act as Jesus would act and leave the rest to the Master. Thanks, Laurie, for a powerful reminder of that lesson.

    • Laurie Coombs

      It is true. We do not know the condition of other’s hearts, but I do believe the Lord allows us to see fruit in the lives of those who are truly repentant and who are following Christ. This evidence was prominent in Anthony’s case, as he is now purposefully living to serve Jesus right where he is––behind bars. The impact he has had on fellow inmates––bringing some to Christ and others to repentance––is remarkable and can only be explained through grace!

      I tell you this to bring proper glory to God for what I’ve witnessed Him do. Jesus has transformed this man, as only He does through grace! And I believe it’s important to state this as it shows the redemptive power and glory of our amazing God!

      Blessings to you!! And I agree, we do what we’re called to do, and leave it to the Master… Thank you for your insights, as they are very true.

  • Paula Kechisen Collins

    I hope I never have to experience such a thing in my life. I know the anger I had against a wrong that was done to me, but murder takes it to an unknown level. I am awed and humbled by how God’s grace works.

    • Laurie Coombs

      God’s grace is indeed humbling! Thank you, Paula, for your comment.

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