My Life-Changing Road Trip, ACT THREE

Bob Bevington
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My Life-Changing Road Trip, ACT THREE | November 8th, 2012

My Life-Changing Road Trip, ACT THREE

ACT THREE: The Afterglow

It was a brisk, sunny, Maryland afternoon and all three of us secretly wished we lived there.

With the uncertainties of childbirth behind us, we began retracing our 6-hour trek from the previous day. Grace concentrated on her homework in the backseat–there’d be no classic rock jam session this time. So Rita and I chatted.

But Rita and I have never won any awards for small talk. So before we knew it, the conversation headed toward the serious. As we crossed the border into Pennsylvania the clouds began to gather in earnest.

Did I mention Rita has had a tough year?

“How bad was it?” I asked, immediately wishing I hadn’t.

“Worse than stage-four breast cancer and necrotic bowel obstruction combined, and I should know.”

Rita always had a way with words—and she was just getting started. I can’t discuss the specifics, but trust me, you don’t want to know.

As she rambled on about pain and betrayal and disappointment and loss, I stared out the window wondering what, if anything, to say. That’s when I heard,

 “And the few people that care, all they want to do is fix me.”

I don’t know much, but I’ve learned one thing for sure: Always default to the Gospel. So I prayed a famous one-word prayer (HELP!) with that in mind. And an hour later, I got an answer.

 “Guess what? I have to give a talk on the topic, Worldview, next Thursday. There’s a message I need to review for my preparations. Do you mind?”

Sneaky but true. The message was What is the Gospel? by Tim Keller. For a free download, click HERE.

We listened and paused for discussion several times. Deep discussions. Hard ones. And as we crossed the border into Ohio, a solid sheet of gray cloud wiped out the few remaining fragments of blue. And yet everyone in my Civic Hybrid was becoming aware of a clear ray of hope and a twinkle in Nana Rita’s eye. She’d been reminded of Good News.

The power of the Gospel. Never underestimate it. It transforms everything it touches.

I reached for my iTunes and dialed up a song I love by Van Morrison called, Whenever God Shines His Light on Me.

“He lifts you up and He turns you around.”

“Puts your feet back on higher ground.”

I think that’s what He’s doing with Rita. As we pulled into the driveway of the home where she serves as a live-in caretaker, Rita and I were smiling. And Grace acted as if she hadn’t heard a thing we said on our life-changing road trip.

If you love babies (and who doesn’t?) and/or Van Morrison, this will put a smile on your face:

  • jj

    i know a little bit about ritas situtation. it is awful what was done to her. i am sure she is not the only one. please remove the wedding photos and blogs. rita deserves respect. may god bless her always

  • MCM

    I cannot comment on the Rita situation because I do not know what it, is but you should feel honored when someone opens up and shares their troubles. It is a sign that you hear his message.
    On the baby front fellow Grandpa, the miracle of birth reminds us how much God loves us, to show his creation before our eyes. As your grandson resembles you, isn’t it a great reminder also that God made us in his image and a baby is the almost unblemished person we were meant to be.
    My favorite song for my granddaughter, Rosemary, is “Love grows where my Rosemary Goes” by the Edison Lighthouse. It is perfect.

    • Bob Bevington

      Great insights as usual. Thanks!

      I wish there was a song for Maverick other than the old James Garner theme song: Let me know if one of your Broadway contacts wants to see his picture and get inspired to write one.

      Better yet, and I can see it now in lights: The Courtship of Two Park 10 Progeny: The Rosemary and Mav Story.

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