Christmas: What Really Happened?

Bob Bevington
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Christmas: What Really Happened? | December 18th, 2012

Christmas: What Really Happened?

I just ordered a cool little book with an irresistible title, Christmas Uncut: What Really Happened and Why It Really Matters

My favorite blog, The Gospel Coalition Voices, says it presents “the heart of the gospel message from the Christmas narratives” and suggests it’s a great way to share the real meaning of Christmas.

Read an excerpt about Mary and Joseph HERE.

Don’t watch this short video unless you, too, want to risk spending $3.99 on a really cool book:

Get copies to read and give away here—for the next week, you can get it at 25 percent discount ($3) by entering “tgcdeal” at checkout. Amazon Prime has it, too.

  • Reid Roe

    Thank you Bob. I just ordered 10 copies of it!

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