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RedLikeBlood-VOICES | January 8th, 2013


RLB Voices is now RedLikeBlood-VOICES. Five new writers have joined forces with me. You are going to love these guys!

Together we make a very diverse little band of bloggers. Clockwise from 12 o’clock we have: a cool worship leader who is as gifted as anyone on your Pandora radio; a cool Common Pleas Judge who can preside over your murder trial; an Indian named Sanj with big hair; a cool Black-Nationalist-turned-Pastor; and a guy named KRIN who lives in England and studies at Oxford and might be the coolest of them all.

Truth be told, Sanj is currently the coolest but Krin is 20 years younger than Sanj so he will probably become the coolest eventually. Me, I’m not very cool–just look at my picture compared to the others and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Anyway, in addition to being cool, all of these new guys can write. All of them could easily have their own blog. But fortunately for you and me they recognize the advantages of being part of a team with momentum.

You see, when Joe left to go back to his own blog,, I spent a couple months wrestling with the idea of shutting this one down. I figured no one would come to it anymore. But using a blogger tool called Google Analytics it became clear that very few were leaving–and a lot of new people were coming. Knowing YOU are here got me motivated to give you something even better.

So I will introduce five new Voices to you, one Thursday at a time.

First up: Pastor Marshall Brandon.

MarshallIf you read the book, Red Like Blood, you already know the amazing story of his transformation from ghetto gang leader, to disgruntled and embittered soldier in Vietnam, to Black Nationalist hater of all white people, to heroin addict, to prisoner in the Mansfield Reformatory, to parolee at a halfway house where Jesus invaded his life and enabled him to love a white person for the first time, to worker at a homeless shelter, to pastor in a 99% white mega church, to where he is now, a pastor in urban Akron.

No, he’s not a character in a Hollywood movie–he’s a real person with an amazing, inspiring, true story.

Marshall is one of the most loving people I know. He is strong. And he has a lot to share. Come back in two days and you can read his first post.

  • Lynn Battey

    Marshall is one of the most inspiring man I know.

  • tom scott

    hey guys awsome,this will be red like blood on steroids

  • Jim

    Can’t wait!

  • Paula Kechisen Collins

    Awesome Bob. Really looking forward to reading their blogs and hearing how God has touched others and learning from them.

    • Bob Bevington

      Thanks! We are still looking for guest bloggers, too. So if you want to write 450 words or so . . .

      • Jim

        guest bloggers? At last!

  • Sandra

    Can’t wait !!!

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