Why Do I Love to Pray?

Pastor Marshall Brandon
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Why Do I Love to Pray? | January 10th, 2013

Why Do I Love to Pray?

RLB Voices - MarshallI love to pray because for me prayer is the highest form of intimacy with God, my creator, savior and redeemer.

Praying is having conversation with God. It is not just me asking Him for things, even though that is an important component.

When I pray I get to spend time with God, listening to His voice speak to my heart. It fulfills a deep desire within me to be with God and allow my spirit to align with His. When I pray I’m acknowledging my need and dependence for Him and glean from His wisdom and strength. When I pray I get to tell Him how much I love Him and allow His love for me to fill my soul.

Best of all, every time I pray I get to know God better.

I have found that it is hard to get to know someone when you don’t spend enough time with them. Also, I have found that I become like the people I spend the most time with. So when I spend time with God in prayer, His character rubs off on me. His peace becomes my peace. In His presence my life is transformed.

This is why I love to pray.

Why do you love to pray?

  • vic

    Dear Pastor Marshall. Praise God for you! Thanks for your love, concern and reaching out to my brother Sanj and pointing him to Christ. Sanj speaks very highly of you and often enough such that I feel I already know you. I pray we meet someday soon. Until then, stay well, blessed and in the word.

  • tom scott

    He commands us to pray. It is how i connect with him. He already knows my wants , needs, and desires, but he wants me to ask for them. If i am to truly be humble in all i do then i must go to him in all i do. I only wish i did that….even 5 percent of the time.

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