No, Yes, Yes, Yes . . .Yes, No, No, No . . .

Sanj Kalra
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No, Yes, Yes, Yes . . .Yes, No, No, No . . . | January 17th, 2013

No, Yes, Yes, Yes . . .Yes, No, No, No . . .

Sanj Kalra

Sanj Kalra

I’m a stutterer. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember. I would say my name like this, Ssssanj and Ttttalk like this. It has always kept my confidence down. I would even avoid speaking if I could when I was a child. I could say Yes by just nodding my head and No by moving it side to side.

I wanted to feel accepted but my stammer got in my way. I thought if I could make people laugh, and dress sharp, and have cool hair, and play sports well, then people would look past my ssstttuter. This formula worked and my confidence began to improve a little. By now I was in college on a tennis scholarship, hair past my shoulders, I had a POLO logo on all my clothes, and I was getting the attention I had always wanted.

When I turned 45 I had so much confidence, my favorite word was YES! And this word became my downfall.

Yes, I will try that. Yes, I will look at that. Yes, I will do that with you. Yes, I want that job. Yes, I want that money! Yes, let’s go there. Yes, I need that house. Yes, I want that car. Yes, I want my cake and eat it too. Yes, I want the world. Yes, I will go to church (because I thought it would make me look good).

Yessssss, I had it all. Or did I?

If so, why did I feel this huge void? My outside was YES but my inside was NO? It was like I had a “double life.”

Then on June 8, 2010 the world that I said Yes to began to crumble and collide with the only thing that I said NO to. God. That was the day Pastor Marshall Brandon asked three critical questions no one had ever asked me before:

1. What’s wrong? Answer: Nothing in this world has satisfied me.

2. Has your life turned out the way you wanted it to be? Answer: NO. I’m empty inside.

3. Do you want to try something new? Answer: YES. I’m ready.

He then introduced me to Jesus Christ. And my life has never been the same.

I recently shared my testimony at Pastor Bob Coy’s Church, Calvary Chapel in Ft. Lauderdale. He texted me the next day saying, “Sooo enjoyed meeting u . . . U got a very cool soul! Thanks for saying Yes to Christ!”

Every day I think of the cross and drink in grace and remember that I said Yes to Christ. Only HE can fill the void I had been looking to fill by saying Yes to the wrong things all my life.

Bob Coy’s text made me realize I should ask, “What are YOU saying Yes to today? Have YOU said Yes to Jesus?



  • bob grinnell

    We are so excited you love Jesus! Keep sharing him my friend.

  • Affinity

    I guess God puts people in our lives for a reason…lest we forget those we crucified for our own spiritual growth. Do their souls deserve God’s richness and blessings as much as our own? Or does their carnage simply provide fuel as we go out to witness to all who are near?

  • Deepa

    Hello Sanj,

    My husband and I heard your testimony in NJ around Christmas. It was very encouraging. Thank you for your humbleness in sharing your personal story. You really did impact us that night.

    • sanj

      Thank you Deepa. You guys were a blessing to me!! I will probably see you in New Jersey this summer with Ravi. Love & Grace

  • kay kalra

    You Rock. I Love You.

  • Sanj

    Thanks Greg. Means a lot my friend.

  • Greg Rauch

    Very Cool message Sanj !!!

  • Sandy Andrassy

    I’m SO glad you said “YES” – and so glad you and kay are my brother and sister in Christ!

  • G

    I’ve known your story for awhile and it always brings me to tears. God has/is working in you and now through you. I’m very proud to call you my personal friend and friend it Christ!

  • Scott Mabee


  • vic

    Sanj, my dear brother. I am simply honored to be your friend. I must admit, while we had nothing in common on June 7, 2010, we have everything in common the very next day and beyond. God is SO BIG and awesome!

  • Amanda Gardner

    Amen Sanj! Thank you for opening your life and sharing with us. All the glory to God.

  • Julie O’Neal Moore

    That was really inspiring, Sanj!

  • Kenda Hall

    that’s the only Yes that really matters. cool story.

  • Sanj

    Thx Tom. I love u too.

  • Brett

    thanks for sharing Sanj…your story is awesome!

  • tom scott

    Sanj, i truly believe that the word
    ” yes” in our little screwed up worlds means that little glimmer of hope the Lord gave us said yes, i love you, i accept you, i can help you, jump and i will catch you in the most loving,comfortable arms you will ever feel. Thax for saying yes sanj…i am truly a better man meeting you.

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