Introductions and Assumptions

Krin Baer
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Introductions and Assumptions | February 5th, 2013

Introductions and Assumptions

Pilate and JesusLife is filled with introductions. Our first was most likely a violent and uncomfortable introduction to the reality of life. From that day, we’ve experienced countless introductions to new places, ideas, and people. Each year at Christmas we are reminded of the world’s introduction to the long expected Messiah. And, today, no doubt, you will be introduced to someone or something new.

Whether we realize it or not, introductions are fraught with assumptions. When we meet new people, we generally have some supposition about who they are and what they do.

But is that wise? Is it possible that we are limiting ourselves in discovering the truth about God, the human experience, and the world around us because of the presumptions we make in regards to each new beginning?

I remember meeting a farmer at a market in the small town of Wichita Falls, Texas. At the time, I held a job that caused me to travel for over half the year and experience many different cultures. I was unhealthily proud of the fact that I had left the small town of my youth and explored the world. In approaching the farmer, I assumed he had probably never left Texas, possibly not even his city. Yet, soon after being introduced to him I realized I was terribly wrong. In fact, he had left Texas and was well acquainted with parts of the world I had never visited. In my pride and judgment, I had cast a stereotype onto him and turned my nose up in haughty arrogance. I started to ask myself why I had assumed that he had never traveled, and even why I assumed that I was somehow better than him if he hadn’t.

That day I learned a great lesson. The image of God in which we were all created is complex. As such, I should never presume to definitively know something about a person until it is revealed to me. Is this not the way that we discover who God is? What can we rightly presume about God apart from what is revealed about him?

Let’s question our assumptions about God, ourselves, and those around us. In doing so, we can more fully uncover truth and live our lives in accordance with our discovery. It is my hope that our greatest discovery would be of the One who defined himself as Truth.

  • Christy

    A wise lesson.

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