How to Break Up with Your Hair Stylist

Sanj Kalra
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How to Break Up with Your Hair Stylist | February 21st, 2013

How to Break Up with Your Hair Stylist

HairI’ve had many hair stylists during my lifetime. I would stay with one for a year or so and then find another one. Until I found Sara—she did my hair for five years because she always cut and styled my hair just the way I wanted.

Once in a while Sara would be unavailable and I would get another stylist named Kris. I began to prefer Kris but couldn’t bring myself to make the switch because I felt bad. Sounds like a Seinfeld episode right?

Recently I ran into Kris and she told me she was working at another salon. She even gave me some coupons to make it easier for me to switch. I got up the nerve to cancel Sara and make an appointment with Kris. But I instantly began to feel really bad. I wanted to tell Sara I was sorry—but if I told her the truth it would hurt her feelings!

My dilemma amounted to the question, When do you tell the truth?

I even googled, How to break up with your hair stylist? The most common answer was, Write her a nice note and just move on. Really?

Anyway, when I arrived at my appointment with Kris I told her my feelings. She said not to worry about it—that it’s part of the business. So some truths are better left unsaid?

When I began to tell Kris how I wanted my hair styled she stopped me mid-sentence and said.

“I thought you wanted to change and do something different.”

She began to tell me I shouldn’t blow dry my hair anymore. That I should stop straightening it as I had been doing. She basically said I was doing it all wrong. She told me God made my hair a certain way and I should go with His flow.

“Just use a dime size worth of gel and push your hair back in the direction it wants to go naturally.”

She spoke the truth to me and at first it made me uncomfortable. But I listened. I’d been making my hair go where it shouldn’t go. Just like I’ve lived most of life going where I shouldn’t go. She was right. And now I’m saving fifteen minutes every day by not messing with my hair. Okay maybe ten minutes.

Sometimes we have to take a risk and tell the truth. Other times we have to embrace discomfort and listen to the truth. Either way good things will come.

It’s the same way with Jesus. He doesn’t just show us a path to the truth—He says, I AM THE TRUTH. Does that make us uncomfortable? Trust him. He is the ultimate blessing!

  • Brit W

    love it, Sanj! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • vic carcioppolo

    Funny, my brother Eugene owns a high end salon in Mayfield Heights (Ecclipse
    Hair.. sorry had to plug him). My brother does say that blow drying, straightening, coloring/foil weaving and such does strip the natural oils from the hair, drying it out making it brittle. If God wanted us to look a certain way He would have made us ‘that way.’ Who am I to look in a mirror, to usurp my Lord God who created me and say, “Thanks God but I am going for a different look?” If we all looked like Sanj and Kate, they would not stand out and be the beautiful, easy on the eyes looking people God intended. So today I will get a nose job, dental veneers, go to the Men’s Hair Club, get a ton of lipo suction, Oh, and talk to my friend who is a plastic surgeon, work out for the three hours every day at the gym, which believe it or not was once my idol.
    BTW… I cut my brother off with ease, as well as every other hair stylist/barber I have had in the past 20 years. Honestly, it had nothing to do with the way God made my hair to sit naturally, but more to do with the three hairs He left on my head! I feel I should get a Marc’s sort of discount. If Sanj pays $30 for all that awesome hair, my math says I should pay about a quarter. God does have a keen sense of humor. He is taking the hair from the top of my head and cultivating the folicles in my ear canals and nares. Kind of like a Salvador Dali, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein mix…The bible does not refer to any reflective devices in heaven, thank God!

    Sanj, thank you for your love for the Lord through your testimony this weekend,
    Kate, is was a distinct pleasure meeting you and your beautiful daughters. I
    see why Sanj is so in love with his family…. as am I.

  • Darleen Grimsley

    God does not always want us to change the way we look or do things. If change is what you want ask the Lord and ask his Holy Spirit to come upon you to help make that change. Well if God wants you to change in something in your life it is always better for him to make the change instead of us. He does a better job anyways don’t you think? Since we are sinners we tend to mess things up more then right. However Gods Word says If we are in Christ then he is in us. Amen

    • sanj

      I agree with you Darleen. He does a much better job than me. Blessings.

  • walker

    Sanj: really can’t comprehend your hair dilemma as I go to Charlie the barber once every 3 months for a $6.00 cut. Thanks for sharing your blog. Walker-Buffalo.

  • kara kalra

    I think we’ve all been in this position before. I absolutely despise being uncomfortable but I find myself allowing it to happen more and more these days now that I am reading more and more of the bible. Great post Sanj!!

  • Craig Marvinney

    Back in the day, my ‘stylist’ complained I had too much hair… You wouldn’t know it now as my head has the same genetic follicle remnants of a Galieti or a Parker…a ‘stylist’ once cut me back (I wasn’t ready for it), saying, like Sanj’s, it was where my hair was…and I looked like I was going bald — and I REALLY didn’t like it. I mean, I was in my 20′s! But the truth was, I was going bald. But now it saves a ton of money over the long term! So too the truth — however painful at first it may be to say or hear and process — it saves so much in emotion and problems down the road — and it makes all involved the stronger for it in the long term. And when the truth shines in us, we shine in God’s name! Excellent post Sanj!

    • TParker3neo

      Hey, how did I get roped into this!?!

  • tomscott

    You must have been day dreaming in marriage class when tony was talking about false can be an idol…..

  • Scott

    I use Galieti’s hair stylist

    • Bob Bevington

      I have a hairless cat I’d like to take there. Can you forward me the number for the groomer department?

  • Mrs. Kay Kalra

    Now I don’t have any excuse for being late for church anymore!!

  • Tony Galieti


    Great post,. However, I have to admit that I broke up with my hair stylist years ago. Also, I would definitely stay with Kris, because her recommendation to stop blow drying your hair is spot on. I quit blow drying some time ago and my hair has responded quite well…most especially my part, which always stays in place. I hope that helps.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Tony G.

  • Jim N Erin Bossler

    Only a man filled with God’s Spirit is comfortable enough to talk about the fact that he has a hair stylist in the first place! The Truth sets us free… whether it’s being honest with a hair stylist or being honest with God.

    • Bob Bevington

      I go to Great Clips and save thousands. And I don’t waste money on hair color anymore either. I’m rich! (And gray). As if anybody really cares.

      • TParker3neo

        Uh, Bob, we WERE going to talk to you about that…

  • tom scott

    For me the truth usually follows a lie. Guilt and remorse for my sin burns me like acid when im not truthful. My wife is usually the one i lie to. The truth has set me free and i couldnt be in a better place with that. The truth is in Christ and only in him and im given the most awsome chance to mirror that, and i fail miserably. Gods grace covers that one though. Good topic sanj..luv ya brother.

  • Amanda Gardner


  • sunil

    Considering i lost most of my hair, i am splitting hairs on the analogy. :P . Loved the point you are making about truth in an uncomfortable situation. You go, Buddy…

    • sanj

      thanks Sunil. Miss you brother!

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