Come On My Soul

Krin Baer
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Come On My Soul | May 22nd, 2013

Come On My Soul

CampfireHave you ever spoken to your soul? Yes, I know it seems a bit strange at first, but lets think about this for a second.

From the moment God created us, we know that we have been more than just mere physical beings. We have longings, cravings, and innate intuitions that point to something outside of us. Rather, these things point to someone. That someone is God, and he created you to be a worshipper.

Yet, we all know that there are times that we don’t want to worship God. We drag our tired, broken bodies into the world, say the right words and sing the right songs, but our souls are cast down. Our internal fight condemns us, and turns us into walking contradictions of depression and anxiety.

This is where the speaking to the soul comes in. Martyn Lloyd-Jones expounds on this idea:

Have you realized that most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself? Take those thoughts that come to you the moment you wake up in the morning. You have not originated them but they are talking to you, they bring back the problems of yesterday, etc. Somebody is talking. Who is talking to you? Your self is talking to you. Now this man’s treatment [in Psalm 42] was this: instead of allowing this self to talk to him, he starts talking to himself. “Why art thou cast down, O my soul?” he asks. His soul had been depressing him, crushing him. So he stands up and says, “Self, listen for moment, I will speak to you.”

Rend Collective, a joyful band of Irish men and women, recently released an album called Campfire. The record starts off with a song called Come On in which the band continually tells the soul where it is to look now.

Come on, my soul! Let down the walls! Come on, its time to look up and sing.

Joy awaits us when our worship becomes not simply a feeling, but is transformed into a perpetual choice. For in choosing to love and to worship we find true freedom.

Even on the days when it feels as if we are sinking into the sea that is the world, we need to speak to our souls. Let’s tell them to look up, to focus on the man standing on the water, and worship the one who gives us life.

Come on and sing along.

  • Darleen Grimsley

    I believe we call that Soul searching. I sure have done plenty of that and still do. Asking God to get in to the depths of our Souls and search our broken down hearts. The other thing is we have to know is when it is well with our Soul. Good song to.That can come as we mature in our faith with Jesus Christ. Is it well with your Soul is the question for all the world.
    God Bless

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