Recognizing the Moment

Jim Bossler
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Recognizing the Moment | June 5th, 2013

Recognizing the Moment

Mt RileyIf I didn’t start prioritizing the overwhelming beauty around me, I was going to run out of a supposed two-week supply of film… in one day.

I was on a 4-day journey through the rugged beauty of British Columbia and the Yukon. Some friends from my church and I were driving in RVs from Seattle to Alaska via the Alaska Highway, which incidentally isn’t a highway at all. My pitiful seventeen-year-old scope of beauty was no match for everything the Canadian Rockies had to offer…breathtaking views all day, everyday, with 20-23 hours of daylight to see it. I’m pretty sure it’s the most beautiful nature I’ve ever seen, however it remains legendary in my brain because I’ve forgotten most of it. Except one view in particular.

On the last night of the trip, my friend and I took off around 9pm and decided to hike up Mt. Riley, near Haines, Alaska. We were too foolish to realize the danger we were putting ourselves in. The sun would set that night around 11:30pm and as the sun began to fade halfway into our hike, we suddenly realized our error.

Decision time. Hike another mile and a half and risk going down the mountain in the dark, or turn around and safely go back to our camp.

Like any pseudo-wise seventeen years olds, we continued on.

What awaited us at the top was a view that put all the other incredible views from the trip to shame. Even though I didn’t have a camera, the picture in my head is still vivid. The setting sun on the mountains around us as well as being high enough to observe a slight curvature of the earth is about as much description as I can give you before descriptions start to lose meaning and break down.

It was at that moment I started to understand something. In the midst of all those mountains, I was pretty small. And though I wouldn’t understand who Jesus was for another two years, I was certain that there was a God and He was more than anything I’d ever imagined, and that I was smaller than I’d ever imagined.

We scurried back down the mountain in record time following that life-changing hike, and I now realize God was drawing me to himself.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. -Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

It’s not just a song made popular by the Byrds in the mid 60’s. It’s the Word of God telling us that many moments exist in our lives because a real God is drawing you to him.

Have you recognized moments like these in your life?


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