Judge Tom Parker
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Busted | July 15th, 2013


BustedWhen I was seventeen, two of my friends and I thought it would be a bright idea to see who could get back to our leader’s house the fastest.  The only problem was that we were in three cars.  Another problem was that my two friends got a head start.  I got stuck at a light at the corner of a very busy intersection.  My bright idea?  Tear through the corner gas station – never mind the people filling their cars – and shoot up Richmond Road.  I knew I could catch them.  Sure the speed limit was 40.  My 55 mph pace wasn’t too bad.  As I turned west on South Woodland, I really picked up the pace.  I’m pretty sure I was the only one going 70 in a 35 that night.  The real problem?  The police officer who had watched me short cut the intersection had taken a keen interest in my case and was on my tail the whole way.

Busted.  And I knew it.

In the moments while I waited for the policeman to come to my door, I thought of fifty excuses I could give the cop.  It was my friends’ fault.  They were the cause of my conduct.  Maybe he’d believe that I should get a warning since the road was deserted.  Maybe he’d be lenient because I’d never had as much as a parking ticket.

He wasn’t.  I got the ticket I fully deserved and had to pay over $100 in fines – a lofty sum in 1971.  My friends consoled me over a late night breakfast at Denny’s.  Their words didn’t ease my pain.  Or pay my fine.

Lately I’ve been thinking of that moment when I knew with certainty I was guilty and the policeman had me cold.  There was no way out.  Have you faced such a moment?

We will each face a moment like that that will have eternal consequences.  It is appointed that each person shall die and face the judgment described in the Bible. At that moment we will each receive a perfect judgment upon our lives.

So many people talk about “The Man Upstairs” as if they could just sidle up to God and try to do the kind of snow job I tried on the police officer that night long ago. But we can’t put anything over on one who is omniscient.

My eternal future is entirely based on what Jesus has done, not on what I could offer in a bargain with God. If not for that, there would certainly be a moment at the end of my days when I’d know the sickening feeling again. Busted. Forever.



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