Treasure and Obedience

Bob Bevington
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Treasure and Obedience | August 7th, 2013

Treasure and Obedience

GoldFor many years I have seen Christ as the ultimate Treasure. There are a lot of treasures out there, but Christ is THE Treasure and makes all the other treasures look like chump change.  Agree?

The question is, how do I get more of this Treasure, this Person?

One of the time-tested writers I affectionately refer to as Ye Olde Dead Guyes, Thomas Watson, put an edge on the answer to that question:

There is love in every command, as if a king bid one of his subjects to dig in a gold mine and keep the gold for himself.

One of my favorite bloggers, Steven Fuller, recently elaborated:

All obedience costs us something. But God’s purpose is that it would always gain us even more — of Christ. He is the gold we discover as we dig in obedience. The more we obey, the more gold we gain. Let’s obey.

When our motivation to obey is this, the obstacles start falling.

On the other hand, when our motivation to obey is to make God our debtor so that He now owes us something, we might find God Himself mercifully opposing us. Because that approach nullifies grace.

Someone once asked Jesus how to get more of Him and this was His response:

If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. John 14:23

Does anyone out there find this verse motivating?

  • Darleen Grimsley

    My sister and I have just recently moved my mom from a assisted living to a full car nursing facility. On top of that I am moving my dads stuff from one storage area to another closer to me. The thing about all this is we tend to want to hang on to those treasurer more because of the memories. Kind of like having a Gold Mine if you will. Oh I found allot worth some money. But, allot of it was in bad shape due to damp conditions. So we lost some of those treasures of memories. Well I have discovered they are just thing or stuff. I can still have all those treasures stored in my mind. But, the most important treasure is Jesus Christ is the treasure in my heart and mind and soul. That is all that I need How about YOU? All’s we need is the treasure in heaven of spending eternity in Heave with our Heavenly Father.


    Hi Bob!
    I used to find it hugely motivating. But now it is only completely confirming. It is absolutely true -it’s a promissory note you can take right to the bank. And who can keep a messy house with God living there? And yet They come to us here, to our jars of clay.
    Thanks Bob,

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