I’m Unemployed

KrinI’m unemployed.  Yes, that dirty, degrading word has found its way into my life and erected a “vacancy” sign for the entire world to see.  After spending a year of graduate study in England, I packed my bags and headed to the American south to find a job and declare my unashamed love for a certain young lady.

As a part of this transition, unexpected questions began to arise.  After several months without a job and a dwindling savings account, what was I going to do?  What does it mean that I can’t currently provide for a family?  Why do I feel like an enormous failure each time I am rejected by a potential employer?  Is my life worth anything anymore?

After talking with several people far wiser than me, I started to wonder: how does what I believe about God effect what I know about myself in this time of uncertainty?

The Bible says a lot about belief.  The references one could mount with the word would number too many for a simple blog post.  But is the belief that was communicated in the early church the same kind of belief that is communicated now?  Sometimes I think that religious belief becomes a merely intellectual exercise, limited to a knowledge test of history and theology.

But think for a moment.  Belief in my everyday life can fit into roughly two spheres.  First, belief about a fact that begs little trust of the believer: example, I believe that you were born in Sydney, Australia.  This doesn’t change my life.  It may be true, but has little bearing on my existence.  Then there is the second kind.  This kind of belief fundamentally changes who you are.  Do you believe that your husband/wife loves you?

These beliefs change who we are.  I will live my life differently believing that my girlfriend loves me.  I will relocate from across the Pond and face unemployment. And I will give to her, spend quality time with her, and make sacrifices for her happiness.

This is the kind of belief that exists when it comes to God. Do you believe that truth exists or that the world is not an illusion?  If we believe that God is real, then that should change who we are, how we live, and how we see the world.  More than intellectual exercise, this belief calls us to action.

Can you simply answer questions in Sunday school or does what you believe about God change you from the inside out?