Michael Boling Reviews Red Like Blood

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Michael Boling Reviews Red Like Blood | October 11th, 2013

Michael Boling Reviews Red Like Blood

“. . . if there is someone you know who needs to desperately hear about God’s free gift of grace, this book is definitely one to pick up, read, and share with those in need.”

That’s what book reviewer, Michael Boling, recently wrote about Red Like Blood in his blog, Intelmin Apologetics. I recently learned that over the past 2-3 months twenty different bloggers have reviewed Red Like Blood. Since you’re on the RLB blog I thought you might like to hear what people are still saying about the RLB book. Here’s the whole article:

red_like_blood_210wide_300dpiThe grace of God is far too often just a theological concept that in many cases is overlooked or taken for granted. Unless someone has experienced a tremendous low point in their life, the proverbial rock bottom if you will, the wonderment of God’s grace is just a term the preacher throws around for good measure on Sunday morning. Joe Coffey and Bob Bevington, in their book Red Like Blood: Confrontations with Grace, provide the reader an upfront and extremely personal look at what God’s grace looks like by allowing the reader to take a journey through their respective lives, noting along the way how God mercifully reached down and lifted them up in their time of need.

Unlike books that take a theological look at the topic of grace, Red Like Blood is extremely practical. The reader is able through the lens of the co-authors Coffey and Bevington, to truly observe how this thing called grace works and what it looks like in the life of individuals who so desperately need it. The authors are extremely frank as they share their respective life stories so the reader should be prepared for some phrases and statements that are definitely not for the faint of heart or for younger eyes to read or hear. The content at times was a bit “mature” but rightfully so given the experiences of these authors and the necessity for the reader to fully grasp that no matter how far someone has fallen, God is there to pick them up. By not beating around the proverbial bush, the authors are brutally honest about their path and confrontation with God’s grace in their life.

I especially appreciated the format of this book. It was a relatively quick read even at right over 200 pages. The back and forth conversational style of writing made me feel as if I was sitting in the room actually listening to these two men share their life story with me. That engaging and personal approach once again sets this book apart from the more theological style texts on grace, affording the reader to feel as if they know the writers personally. Furthermore, I felt while reading this book a great connection to Coffey and Bevington as I was drawn in to their stories and the passionate telling of how God had moved in their lives.

All throughout this book, helpful tidbits of great scriptural truth are interspersed through the story telling, making this more than just an autobiography with no theological application. While there is little if any engagement of Hebrew or Greek words or a systematic engagement of how Scripture outlines what the grace of God is, this book nevertheless accomplishes the task at hand, namely showing how God works in people’s lives to draw even the worst sinner to the cross of Christ where the grace of God can be found in a powerful way.

Another noteworthy element of this book is the website www.redlikeblood.com. This site takes the truths found in this book a step further, providing blog articles as well as a plethora of other valuable resources on the subject of grace and many other important issues for the everyday Christian walk.

Anyone wanting a close up view of what God’s grace looks like in the lives of two very different people who needed God’s grace in very different ways, will find Red Like Blood to be a very valuable resource. Brutally honest, practical in its presentation, and theologically rich in content, this book will help the seasoned and the newest believer understand that we all have and continue to need to have confrontations with grace. Whether you have hit rock bottom or just want to appreciate what God has done in your life or if there is someone you know who needs to desperately heat about God’s free gift of grace, this book is definitely one to pick up, read, and share with those in need.

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