The ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible: Is it the best one for you?

imagesIf you are in need of Good News every day;

If you need to change but trying harder only makes you feel defeated and exhausted;

If you want to get closer to God but applying rules isn’t helping;

Then the brand new ESV Gospel Transformation Bible is for you.

Actually, any Bible is for you.

But the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible is special because its supplemental notes:

Display Christ in all of Scripture.

Point the way to grace in all of life.

Available in nine different cover styles. For as little as $20.

Shipping is free from for orders over $49.

Here’s a cool video with more info:

ESV Gospel Transformation Bible from Crossway on Vimeo.

  • Jen Phipps

    Ordering ours now- thanks Bob!