The blog, Broken at His Feet, reviews RLB

red_like_blood_210wide_300dpiThe full name of her blog is: Broken at His Feet: Where Jesus Begins to Transform You. I love knowing blogs like this are out there calling people to confrontations with grace! Here’s an excerpt from Heather’s review:

Their writing styles are modern, blunt, humorous and yet raw in all their honesty. This book is about the topic of grace and I think they covered it from every angle possible through sharing their own life stories and those of their friends.

Bob and Joe don’t talk down to you. Their stories are real. They aren’t puffed up to look perfect for they are both broken men saved by grace. Their candid confessions are gut wrenching. Sometimes through reading a chapter I was nodding my head in recognition of what they were going through. You can relate to them.

If you are looking for a life-changing book that will throw the cold water of truth all over you I highly recommend this book. The cold water will be shocking at first, but the refreshment afterwards is worth it.