I Must Have This THING!

Sanj Kalra
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I Must Have This THING! | October 23rd, 2013

I Must Have This THING!

911 (2)It was California in the summer of 1989. I had just graduated from college and was driving home from work in my Suzuki Samurai on the 90-Marina Freeway. I was following a Porsche 911 with a spoiler on its back. I wanted to catch up to it and get beside it to see who was in the car. Traffic began to slow and the spoiler began to lower and then disappear. WOW! That was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

I said to myself, I have to have that. I want that now. I must have that. I want to be that guy in that car. If I have that car then everyone will pay attention to me.

That night I took out my bucket list and added the word, Porsche.

As my income increased I began going to Porsche dealerships but the sales guys wouldn’t give me the time of day.

A few years went by and I still didn’t have the money but I was getting closer. Then my income jumped up a few notches and I was ready to make the purchase. I decided to dress in jeans and white t-shirt, walk into the dealership, and pay cash for the car. I ended up ordering a custom 911. It would be delivered directly from Stuttgart, Germany.

My car arrived in December 2004. Fifteen years had since I first got a glimpse of that rear spoiler disappearing and I was about to drive away in my very own 911. I pealed out of the dealership wanting everyone to check me out. But what happened on the ride home was not what I expected.

First of all, no one checked me out. And second, I was already starting to think of my next car. Perhaps a Ferrari? I truly felt the thrill but it ended quickly. I could not deny the disappointment and emptiness inside me. When I look back at my Porsche journey I see a path of envy, lust, greed, and pride.

I eventually realized I needed a Savior in my life. Since following Jesus I am now well aware of this sinful nature of mine. I am aware, but I am no longer a slave to it. While reading Tim Keller’s book, Galatians for You, I stopped at this brilliant quote from page 159 on defeating the sinful nature:

To crucify the sinful nature is to say: “LORD, my heart thinks that I must have this THING, otherwise I have no value. It is a Pseudo-Savior. But to think and feel and live like this is to forget what I mean to You, how you see me in Christ. By your Spirit, I will reflect on Your love for me in Him until this THING loses its attractive power over my soul. 

Everyone has a THING. What’s yours?

I hope this helps.


  • Linda

    Great story Sanj. I met you through my brother and sister in law and they’ve been to community groups that you conducted and said your testimony is eally something to hear. Hope someday I get a chance to hear it.

  • David James

    Sanj, there was an English nonconformist preacher Philip Henry
    (1631–1696) who said “He is no fool who parts with that which he cannot
    keep, when he is sure to be recompensed with that which he cannot
    lose”. This quote was restated by missionary Jim Elliot who was martyred by the Huaorani Indians in Ecuador in 1956. Jim Elliot gave up everything including his very life to present the Gospel to the indigenous tribes in the mountains of Ecuador. The testimony you gave us so beautifully illustrates the quote above on how we all need our Savior, Jesus Christ to change us……. mind, body and soul from the desire for more “stuff” that can never satisfy. It’s a decision to walk away from the “stuff” that ultimately we cannot keep, to then choose to follow Jesus Christ and His Grace which we cannot lose.

  • singing428

    My thing is not an item, but a deep desire none the less. My thing is approval. I seem to crave it and I am not sure why. It was not lacking in my childhood, and yet I find myself seeking it. Then when I get the approval for one thing, I seek it for another thing. It can be quite disconcerning when I forget the only approval I need is God’s. Thanks for the reminder.

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