Jen Phipps on Channel 5 News

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Jen Phipps on Channel 5 News | November 28th, 2013

Jen Phipps on Channel 5 News

Mark-Jen-John-Owen-300x196Jen Phipps has been featured HERE at before. You might remember her one-year-old son, John Owen. Jen’s inspiring story of faith has continued–and today, on Thanksgiving, it even made the network news!

The 2-MINUTE version ran on television. But the longer version shown below is worth every minute. Especially toward the end. Sorry about unavoidable the 15-second commercial. But when you begin to understand everything Jen’s been through, little things seem like what they really are–insignificant.

What is significant is a person finding the source of her strength in the Living God. And finding Christ-centered faith to rise above her circumstances and keep her eye on the goal of bringing glory to God–no matter what. Jen also speaks of the blessings of receiving support from a “Christian community in action.”

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for many things. One big one is knowing Jen Phipps and being encouraged by her life as she walks through cancer in a way that magnifies the grace and truth and sovereignty of the triune God. Please keep Jen, Mark, and John Owen in your prayers.

  • singing428

    Great reminder of what is truly important and how to treasure every day God grants us on this earth. A reminder of how much it means to support people through prayer, food, taking on responsibilities for others when they are in need. Also, a great reminder of how to look past ones own circumstance or situation and to remember that God is omnicient, omnipotent, and omnipresent in every part of our lives.

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