Leaving My Mark, by Jen Phipps

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Leaving My Mark, by Jen Phipps | August 18th, 2014

Leaving My Mark, by Jen Phipps

John Owen, Mark, and Jen

John Owen, Mark, and Jen

Jen Phipps is a cancer patient on her second round of chemo, and a member of my community group, The Cellar Dwellers. Her journey has been inspiring to many, so I thought I’d share her recent Facebook post here:

LEAVING MY MARK, by Jen Phipps

Pulling up to my parents’ house, there it was, a gleaming and newly poured sidewalk. I immediately made plans to write my initials in a small corner of one of the cement pads. After taking my 2-year-old, John Owen, inside and visiting for a few minutes, I headed out for my weekly blood draw, but first I must leave my mark. Come on, I have cancer and I want my son to be able to look where his mama wrote her initials in front of granny and grandpa’s house. “JEP” neatly written with the tip of a branch. 

I returned to pick up my little guy. We visited for a few more minutes and out the door we went- only to discover they were smoothing the cement over again! Standing on the front stoop with my mom and John Owen, I said, “Well, I’ll just have to leave my mark in something better than concrete!” 

One day that sidewalk will be gone, but the souls I come in contact with will go on. My desire is to be God’s tool that leaves an eternal mark on those around me. As a former atheist I want to bring the good news of what Jesus has done for me to those God has put in my path. That includes anyone reading this right now. Know that He loves you, He died for you, and He came that you might have life eternal with Him. 

Entrust your soul to Him and be His tool to leave your mark on the soul of another. 

But the Lord said to him, “Go, for he is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before the Gentiles and kings and the children of Israel. Acts 9:15

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