Why Vote?

Bob Bevington
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Why Vote? | November 1st, 2016

Why Vote?

Are you a Christian? If so, please give me 45 seconds to show why you should show up on November 8th—especially if you have little, if any, confidence in either candidate. And even if, like many, you are disgusted with them both.

Why should you vote? Because our country has real “issues.” I’ve identified eight of them below. Look them over and you’ll realize it’s urgent for Christians to make their voice heard. Why? Because the president selected next week will have extreme influence over how these issues are addressed over the next four years.


 ______     Supreme Court Appointments. H/D

______      The right of the unborn.  H/D

______      The right to bear arms. H/D

 ______      Homeland security.  H/D

 ______      National defense.  H/D

 ______      The economy.  H/D

 ______      Education.  H/D

 ______      Poverty.  H/D

______      Jobs.  H/D


1. Recognize that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be your next president. Those are the only choices you get, so take a deep breath and get over it.

2. Add any issues I’ve failed to mention. Then assign each issue a “weight factor.” If you’re a one issue voter, it will be an easy task. But I’d urge you to take all of them into consideration.

3. Ask yourself whether Hillary or Donald is closer to your position. Then assign an “H” or a “D” to each issue. Multiply by the weight factor. Then add up the Total H and Total D and you’ve got your answer.

4. Say a prayer and cast your ballot.

If this process has been helpful to you, please pass it on.

PS I’m not here to endorse either candidate for POTUS. But since I asked for 45 seconds and have only used up 39 of them, I’ll take this opportunity to ask you to re-elect Todd McKenney to the Summit County Court of Common Pleas. I like him so much I put a sign in my yard.

And speaking of my yard, you won’t find a Clinton or Trump sign there. But I do plan to cast my ballot for one of them. . .



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