Liquid Grace (Joe)

An Excerpt from Chapter 7

Grace is more of a liquid than a solid. I think most of us know that intrinsically which is why we say that grace flows. Solids are more passive. You can put something solid on a table and it will just sit there until you come back and move it. But a liquid is different. A liquid needs to be contained or it will run all over the place. Liquids are not passive. I had a small leak in a pipe in the upstairs of my house. Water made it all the way to my basement and by the time I noticed it was emerging in multiple places. In fact, there was no telling where the water had gone and what path it had taken. If there was even the tiniest opening the water slid through and kept going. Such is the nature of liquid. Grace is more liquid than solid. Once it is unleashed there is no telling how far it will go or where it will end up.


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