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  • Marcyhayes51

    I just finished the book RED LIKE BLOOD. The last chapter on “gaps” moved me to share with you a book I wrote about the giant gap I have experienced. The title of my book is WAITING FOR YOUR PRODIGAL: DAILY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. A woman I met in Akron through the writing of my book told me about your book.
    Thank you for your honesty, especially about the affair and your redemption.
    With great respect,
    Marcy Hayes

    • Bob

      Thanks for your comments. Check ot today’s blog post for another story of a prodigal come home: my son, Dave!

      May God’s hand be all over your book!

  • Jodi V. Anne

    Two great videos Joe! Looking forward to more!

  • Mcvammen

    I love the video and I am excited to read the book. Thanks for taking your time to write a book regarding grace. This video is a good reminder and points me back to the importance of living in the spirit and not in the flesh (Romans 8) by living out the gospel knowing I am a sinner.

  • AndreaDinovo

    I liked the video Joe, and was intrigued by the artsy red liquid look, almost like red smoke from the sacrificial altar in the holy of holies, where the Levite priests prepared the offerings to God almighty.

    I’ve been meditating on the fact that any letting of blood is violent, even if it’s as simple as giving blood, because a needle is jammed into your vein. And any accident that causes blood, is a violence against your body and skin. And when you think of all the sacrifices to cover sin, that’s violence unto death, without recovery, except for Christ Jesus. Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins… since blood is life, it has to be given, in order for the exchange to be made:
    our sin for his holiness. So we can be made acceptable in God’s eyes. What a marvelous plan, even though it involves violence, pain, and death.

    I purchased the book for Adriana, as our birthdays are in April, and she will no doubt love it!
    It’s always hard to buy for an artist, but not this time!

    Thanks, I’ll be reading it after she finishes it!
    Andrea D.

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