Joe Coffey and Bob Bevington have found that the grace of God is much more than sweet. It is also explosive, pervasive, powerful, relentless, amazing, devastating, raw, and beautiful.

Grace is deadly serious stuff. Many of our encounters with grace—the real, true grace by which God changes us one step at a time—are much more like confrontations.

These confrontations are jarring. They shake us up. Cracks appear in our carfeully constructed facades. That’s when grace can penetrate, Red Like Blood, flowing into those cracks, working its way deep down inside, and doing a work we could never imagine or accomplish on our own.

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  • Jkametz

    Hey Joe, I always thought your blogs would make a good devotional/inspirational book. Didn’t know you WERE working on one. As a retired journalist, I really like your writing style.

    • Joe Coffey

      Thanks for the encouragement. I loved writing the book because it allowed me a lot of freedom. If you like the blogs I think you might really like the book. At least that is my hope. Eventually I would like to turn the blogs into a devotional type book like you describe. thanks again. Joe