Table of Contents

1  A Pastor’s Kid and a Prodigal Become Friends

2  Looking for God in All the Wrong Places

3  Discovering the Shame that Sticks

4  The Appearance of the Unseen God

5  Truth, Reality and the Riding of Our Lies

6  Independence and a Toothpick Cross

7  Carrots, Money and the Giant Within

8  Corridor to Glory (Sample 1) (Sample 2)

9  The Math of God (Sample)

10  Eating Work and the Search for Satisfaction

11  Garbage Day (Sample)

12  The Pleasure Spectrum

13  Liquid Grace

14  Incarnation: Give up, Go to, Be with

15  The Church: Of Blockheads and Magnificence (Sample)

16  Longing for Paradise

17  Why Grace Flows Red

18  Red Like Blood Goes Live