Who Are These Guys?

Joe Coffey is lead pastor of Christ Community Chapel, an independent, multi-campus, mega-church in Northeastern Ohio.

Bob Bevington is a member of Joe’s church where he and his former wife, Rita, co-lead a divorce-recovery program called Oasis.

Joe graduated cum laude from Taylor University prior to completing his M.A. at Columbia Seminary and Graduate School of Missions. Joe recently received his D.Min. from Columbia Evangelical Seminary.

Bob was educated at The Ohio State University where he earned a Doctor of Optometry degree in 1980. He semi-retired from optometry ten years ago at age 45, but still practices four days a month. To get an appointment call 330-644-7138.

Joe is a jock. He completed a full Iron Man competition at age fifty. He was named Male Athlete of the year in both his junior and senior years at Taylor. He spent a year playing professional basketball in Bolivia, South America.

Bob is a die-hard Buckeye football fan, especially since Coach Jim Tressel came to Columbus. He plays tennis but not very well.

Joe’s article, “Pastoral Pensees: How a Mega-Church is Re-discovering the Gospel” was published in Themelios: An International Journal for Pastors and Students of Theological and Religious Studies. It can be accessed for free on-line at http://www.thegospelcoalition.org/publications/33-1/how-a-mega-church-is-rediscovering-the-gospel

Bob has co-authored two books with his mentor, Jerry Bridges. They were both published by Crossway Books: The Great Exchange: My Sin for His Righteousness (2007) and The Bookends of the Christian Life (2009). Free chapters of both books are available at: http://www.BobBevington.com

Joe married his college sweetheart, Karen, and they have three children and one grandchild.

Bob has four children: two with his former wife, Rita, and two with his current (aka second) wife, Amy. The oldest is twenty-five and the youngest is eight.

  • Linda Dodson

    Red Like Blood is an amazing book…Great job Joe & Bob….

  • R Reedy

    i just finished reading “RED like BLOOD” to say it is real is the understatement of the world! i am a greatgrandfather and am very much a beliver. have been around the bible since early childhood. i have read many books over my 60 plus years of reading anything of interest to me. this is the first time a book written by church people, or ministers has reached me other than to hold my curiosity for awhile.to say it is open and honest, is wrong! i say it was written from the raw place we all have and deny even unto ourselves! i need to read it again right away because there are so many areas that reached down inside me to a depth i wasnt even aware of! the men in this book are just like me and you! they are teaching from a perspective of life, theirs! i have met them in a formal way in passing. i did not know them ! i know feel as if i have known them forever. i would like to say this, one of these men Marshall Brandon, i was sure was a real man and christian the first time we met in the hallway at HCC a few years ago! when we hugged i felt the presence of God fill me! say what you will i know what i felt!
            well dont read this book!! if you dont want to have your eyes and heart opened to a new level of understanding and hope for a future of happiness and wholeness, through the Grace that was yours all along

    rich reedy!
    kent ohio

    • Marshall Brandon

      Hello Rich,
      What an incredible God we serve. He is Awesome..
      What a wonderful privilege we have as believers in Jesus Christ to give His love away everyday.

      Blessings my brother…

  • Doug Randolph

    Bob Bevington has been a friend of mine for over 12 years. His life vividly demonstrates the beauty which can flow after one is broken by God’s sovereign hand. I can’t wait to read his most recent book.

    Doug Randolph

  • Anonymous

    I know both these guys and they are completely WYSIWYG. I especially enjoy the fact that neither one of them has any idea what that means.

    • Bob

      Ha! What you see is what you get? Nice.

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