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Welcome to the blog for Red Like Blood, our book that comes out in April, 2011. We wrote the book because of something we believe to be absolutely true.

We believe grace is the most powerful catalyst for change the world has ever known.

We imagine grace as more like a liquid than a solid, meaning that it flows from the heart of God into the lives of people. Being a liquid means grace can only penetrate through the cracks of brokenness — but once it gets in there is no telling how far or how deep it will go.

We think grace is red, too, because all grace can be traced back to the cross of Jesus Christ. So if it strikes you as maybe true that grace pouring over brokenness really does flow red like blood, then you’re at the right place.

All our posts here are connected to the themes in our book, so if you like the posts then you will love the book because, in all honesty, we probably used up our best stuff in the book.

  • Heknowsme

    Would love to receive posts by mail, but when signing up, get the message “service not enabled”. Awesome book. Have given to many and recommended to more.

  • Michael Herman

    Bob & Joe -

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    Michael Herman
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